Contract & Grant Management

We’re with you at every step of the process.

We want you to succeed.

We regularly talk to small business owners, entrepreneurs, and inventors who are working on some pretty amazing projects. They’re taking the first steps on something big. Our job is to connect innovators to funding, and then help you see through that contract so you’re competitive for future ones.

That means we’re with you, at every step of the way. We’ll not only help you find solicitations and put together your proposal, but we’ll also manage it and ensure you’re fully compliant with government requirements.

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The procurement lifecycle.

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Your company has unique ideas and innovations. We can help.

As your capabilities meet the marketplace, your first steps can make or break your success. You can avoid losing rights to intellectual property by managing subcontractor, contractor, and grantee agreements. You can respond to future grant and contract solicitations faster, and prove ownership of your ideas easily by implementing government accounting practices early.

Summit Contract Management can help you protect and promote your innovations by attending to the right details, right away. Summit Contract Management provides step-by-step guidance and support services in government procurement from the beginning of the acquisition lifecycle to contract and grant close-out. Our customers are government agencies, entrepreneurs, inventors and businesses.

Intellectual Property (IP) Management
  • IP Strategy Plan Development
  • Government Invention Reporting (DD Form 882 or iEdison (Interagency Edison) as applicable)
  • Clarifying clients’ rights to inventions under Government Contracts/Grants
  • Patent Process Liaison Services
  • Employee Agreement Creation
  • Nondisclosure Agreement Administration
  • Internal Invention Disclosures & lab notebook procedures

Find Solicitation

Every government agency solicits products and services from U.S. businesses and researchers, every year.

Finding solicitations for contract bids and grant applications can be easy, once you know where to look. You’ll also need to register through appropriate services to show that your company is eligible to respond. If you are new to government grants and contracts, Summit Contract Management can make it easy to find solicitations, demonstrate eligibility and pursue opportunities where your organization can best compete.

Solicitation Identification
  • Government & Commercial RFP Searches
  • GSA Opportunity Matching
  • SBIR/STTR Grant and Contract Discovery
  • Broad Agency Announcements
  • Major Subcontract Investigation


A good proposal will do more than just secure a contract or grant.

Preparing the right information up front will prevent you from covering unexpected project costs, or having to return money at the project’s end. Summit Contract Management can help you establish your company’s direct and indirect rates, avoid unallowable costs, and articulate technical and business requirements. You’ll know what resources to tout at the project’s outset, and ensure that the deliverables committed don’t exceed your intentions.

Services We Offer:
  • Proposal requirements alignment
  • Interpretation/review of solicitations to ensure preparation of a proposal consistent with the requirements of the solicitation
  • Proposal preparation assistance
  • Estimating and pricing
  • Forward pricing rates
  • Proposal terms & conditions
  • Statement of work
  • Commercialization report


Let us help you demonstrate your worth.

Before your grant or contract is awarded, your company will confirm that it can perform the work required and demonstrate your systems for tracking project finances and property. This is also an opportunity to propose contract changes. Summit Contract Management has experience negotiating all types of procurements and grants, including pricing, terms and conditions. We can help demonstrate your ability to perform and secure a better outcome for your business.

Eligibility Data Submission:
  • System for Award Management (SAM)
  • Licensing and Use Restrictions
  • Identification and Assertion of Restrictions on the government’s use, release, or disclosure of technical data or computer software
  • Government Accounting System Preparation
  • Purchasing System Administration
We can help with:
  • Government contracts and grants
  • Subcontracts & consulting agreements
  • Teaming agreements
  • Licensing agreements


Once your company is selected for an award, it’s time for careful review.

Government contracts often contain wording or pricing errors, omit important clauses, or fail to reference other documents that protect your rights. Summit Contract Management can clarify important terms and conditions, summarize essential contract areas, and prepare subcontracts and consulting agreements that flow down essential clauses.

When it’s time to sign an agreement, we’ll help make sure the contract meets your expectations.

Contract and Grant Administration
  • Contract and Grant Reviews
  • Consulting and Subcontract Agreement Preparation
  • Data Requirements Compliance Consulting
  • Payment Protocol Administration
  • Public Vouchers (Wide Area Workflow)
  • DD Form 250s
  • Progress Payments and Commercial Invoices
  • Policy Implementation
  • Prepare written policies as required by contract
We can provide assistance with government accounting:
  • Provisional billing and pricing rate development
  • Incurred cost proposal preparation
  • Government accounting system set-up
  • Indirect rate forecast and monitoring
  • Timekeeping policy and timesheet preparation


When you put your wheels in motion, we can help keep you on track.

Your business will need systems for managing project property, monitoring cash flow, and tracking indirect rates. Setting up the records you must maintain, and complying with other regulations can be time consuming, particularly the first time around. Summit Contract Management can simplify the process, and help your company receive payment when—and as frequently—as it should.

Project Management
  • Reporting and Deliverables Requirements Consulting
  • Project List Management
  • Subcontractor Requirements Monitoring
  • Data Rights Marking Review
  • Government Auditing Agency Liaison
  • Indirect Rate Forecast and Monitoring
  • Expenditure Monitoring and Reporting
  • Voucher and Invoice Submission
Government Property Administration
  • Government Property Records & Reporting
  • Government Property Control Procedures
  • Property Identification
  • Physical Inventory Documentation
  • Property Disposition


When the project is over, some final attention to detail will ensure that your company meets its obligations.

You’ll provide your final report or deliverables, return project property, and submit forms summarizing your results. There are additional steps for protecting your intellectual property and releasing your company from unforeseen project costs. Summit Contract Management can make the process easier, and let you focus on getting your next award.

Contract & Grants Close-Outs
  • Final Technical Report Preparation
  • Final Deliverable Preparation and Review
  • SF298 Completion
  • Final Patent Report Submission
  • Final Invoice or Voucher Submission
  • Release of Claims Form Distribution