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Contract, Subcontract and Grant Administration Services

Contract, Subcontract and Grant Administration Services

As small businesses win government contracts and grants it becomes clear that they need a constant resource for guiding them through the unique and sometimes confusing regulations and requirements. They realize that requiring their technical or office management staff to be experts at and perform government contracting tasks is an unrealistic expectation. The small business does not yet need a full time Contracts Manager however; there is a need for weekly or at least monthly interaction with a Contracts professional. Summit staff is available either virtually or physically to meet with small businesses on a regular basis to guide and keep them compliant under their contracts/grants.

The following is a list of some of the common services that our Summit Team provides:

Registrations and Certifications

System for Award Management (SAM) Registrations
Licensing and Use Restrictions
Identification and Assertion of Restrictions on the government’s use, release, or disclosure of technical data or computer software
Government Accounting System Preparation
Purchasing System Administration

Contract, Subcontract and Grant Administration

Contract, Subcontract and Grant Reviews
Negotiations support
Consulting and Subcontract Agreement Preparation
Data Requirements (Intellectual Property) Compliance Consulting
Payment Protocol Administration
Public Vouchers
DD Form 250s
Progress Payments and Commercial Invoices
Policy Implementation
Prepare written policies as required by contract
Negotiations support: contracts, subcontracts, grants, teaming & licensing agreements
Earned Value Management

Assistance with Government Accounting

Provisional Billing and Pricing Rate Development
Incurred Cost Proposal Preparation
Government Accounting System Set Up
Indirect Rate Forecast and Monitoring
Timekeeping Policy/Timesheet Preparation