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Is your small business ready to take the next step and pursue state or federal funding? You’ll need to submit a success proposal in response to a solicitation from a state or federal agency.

Proposals are more than just a technical summary of your innovation. They make your case for why your innovation deserves funding. They ask entrepreneurs new and tough questions, like: what is your path to commercialization? What is the societal impact of your innovation?

But, you don’t have to go in blind. Our team has helped businesses just like yours prepare successful, funded proposals. We’d like to meet with you and discuss what we do—get a free consultation from us.

Why work with Summit?


We have decades of experience managing the proposal process and successfully submitting proposals.


We love helping small businesses, inventors, and entrepreneurs succeed. It’s why we do what we do!


We’ll work with you and your business to line up resources and get your proposal across the finish line.

Here’s our process.

1. Review solicitation

Once we’ve met, our team will help you find relevant solicitations from state and federal agencies to apply for. Each solicitation has its own deadlines, format, and regulations.

Once we’ve found a few that fit your innovation, we’ll outline exactly what needs to get done to put together a successful proposal ahead of deadline.

2. Identifying opportunities

We’ll want to have several discussions with you and your team to learn more about your innovation, why it matters, and what direction you’re taking things in. This doesn’t just inform the proposal draft, but it allows our team to better advise you on what supporting materials you’ll need to submit alongside it.

3. Kickoff meeting

We’ll next meet with you and your team to discuss the proposal effort, what we need, and review the deadlines together as a group. A successful proposal requires the collaboration of both your business and ours.

In our kickoff meeting, we’ll give you both the lay of the land and explain what every step of the process looks like.

4. Coordination & preparation

While the writing process is starting, we’ll start on administrative tasks that will ensure your proposal is submitted successful.

This includes assisting you with government accounting—preparing a budget, doing estimating / pricing work, and finding forward pricing rates—as well as helping you gather support letters from either potential customers or future collaborators.

5. Preparing the draft

Our writer will work with your team to start outlining, and then writing, the proposal draft. We’ll advise you on exactly what needs to be covered in your proposal, and give you action items that only you can complete, such as getting industry letters of support.

Throughout the draft process, our writer will ensure your business’ ideas shine through and that both the impact and novelty of your innovation is properly explained.

6. Red Team Review

Once the draft is completed, it heads to our team for Red Team Review. Our editor reads through the finalized proposal to ensure compliance with published formatting instructions. This is critical: many agencies will disqualify drafts that do not meet exact standards.

Naturally, our editor will also proofread the copy for any grammar, spelling, or syntax mistakes. They’ll then send the proposal back to you to make changes prior to submission.

7. Submission

With the finalized, edited proposal in-hand and all supporting documents present, our team will oversee the submission process, cross-checking our work to ensure that everything is submitted correctly.

With your proposal successfully submitted ahead of deadline, the only thing left to do is wait for notice from the state or federal agency that published the solicitation.

Let’s get started together.

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