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As your capabilities meet the market place, your first steps can make or break your success. You can avoid losing rights to intellectual property by managing subcontractor, contractor, and grantor agreements. You can respond to future grant and contract solicitations faster, and prove ownership of your ideas easily by implementing government accounting practices early.

Summit Contract Management can help you protect and promote your innovations by attending to the right details, right away. Summit Contract Management provides step-by-step guidance and support services in government procurement from the beginning of the acquisition lifecycle to contract and grant close-out. Our customers are government agencies, entrepreneurs, inventors and businesses.

Intellectual Property (IP) Management

IP Strategy Plan Development

Government Invention Reporting

DD Form 882 or iEdison (Interagency Edison) as applicable

Clarifying clients’ rights to inventions under

Government Contracts/Grants

Patent Process Liaison Services

Employee Agreement Maintenance

Nondisclosure Agreement Administration

Internal Invention Disclosures & lab notebook procedures